Achieve financial freedom by trading like the best traders in the world.

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Our flagship Financial Trading Programme (FTP) lasts for 12 months, comprising a combined 120 hours. This programme aims to benefit traders of all skill levels - from aspiring beginners to seasoned veterans - and equip them with the same arsenal of tools and techniques used by professional Wall Street and hedge fund traders themselves.

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Students are required to attend a mandatory 2-day live class, followed by weekly online consultations. Throughout these 12 months, students can also attend any iteration of the 2-day live class for free.

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Get access to additional high quality content about financial trading at your own pace, at anytime, wherever you are so long as you have a computer and internet access. After each module, there will be quizzes and readings for you to complete to have a better picture and understanding of how to trade in the market.

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Weekly consultation is a 90 to 120 minutes open session for all students that happens at 11AM (GMT +8), on every Saturday. During these sessions, trainers will answer questions, help students navigate and prepare trades for their demo/live account.

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